GoSoapBox Blogosophere Roundup

A lot of people talk about GoSoapBox, but previously we have done a poor job of acknowledging what’s being said. In 2013, we’re going to fix that by rounding up references to GoSoapBox on the web. We don’t care if what’s being said is positive or negative – if someone has taken the time to write about us, we want to thank them for their feedback.

Dr. Cooper, an educator at Glendale Community College in Arizona (United States), used a variety of ed-tech tools in 2012. Her blog, which is quite extensive, details her experiences with these tools. On January 1st, Dr. Cooper posted her favorites tools of 2012.

GoSoapBox allows teachers to gauge student understanding or confusion levels throughout a lesson, poll students and track the data for future reference. I used GoSoapBox with my hybrid class as a quick way to hold them accountable for their online responsibilities. It works well and is easy to use.

Mr. B, the brain behind Tech-ing the Classroom, focused on GoSoapBox for his January 2nd blog post.

GoSoapBox is another example of a response system that enables teachers to check for understanding in real time of the entire class. I have been playing around a bit with GoSoapBox to get acquainted with its features, and I have to say, I have really enjoyed the platform they have designed. It is simple, clean, and easy to use. GoSoapBox is compatible with many devices which makes it all the easier to use with high school aged students that carry various computing devices.

Tom Burns, an educator at Monash University in Australia, mentioned GoSoapBox as one of six ed-tech tools students will love, particularly for in-class use.

Gain insight into your students’ comprehension mid-class to see if they ‘get it’ with GoSoapBox! It helps break down the participation barrier in large-lecture environments by allowing students to respond to online polls with smartphones and laptops.

To Dr. Cooper, Mr. B, and Tom Burns — THANK YOU for taking the time to write about GoSoapBox.

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