We Want To Make GoSoapBox Free To Use

We love being in Ed-Tech. It’s exciting to hear that our product helps students learn. That’s why we started the company.

We’ve tried a few different business models and weren’t entirely happy with any of them. Charging for GoSoapBox allows us to generate revenue to pay the bills but creates a barrier for teachers to adopt the product. School budgets are tight and teachers don’t have a ton of disposable income to pay for additional tools. Our ultimate goal is to help as many students learn as possible. Charging for our product gets in the way of that.

So Here’s The Scoop…

We are considering the idea of partnering with an outside organization which would sponsor GoSoapBox and allow us to offer the product 100% free of cost to K-12 teachers and students

GoSoapBox would be custom designed / skinned with the partner organization’s logo and branding.

  • IT WOULD BE a well designed, visual branding layout.
  • IT WOULD NOT be a standard banner ad, or text based ad, like something you’d see on Google adwords.
  • IT WOULD NOT be a click through advertisement (no pop ups, or new windows opening)
  • IT WOULD NOT require student email addresses or any contact information
  • ┬áIT WOULD allow us to offer GoSoapBox 100% cost free for K-12 teachers and students

We Need Your Help…

We created a very brief survey in order to assess the feasibility of this idea. The data collected from this survey will help us determine the demand for the free product and help in creating usage projections that we can bring to our partner organizations.

Please share this with other K-12 folks in your network. The more data the better!

If you are involved in K-12 education please do us a huge favor and take our short survey. It will only take 3 minutes. The survey is embedded below. You can also find the survey here



6 thoughts on “We Want To Make GoSoapBox Free To Use

  1. Sister Caroline Cerveny

    There are many faith-based groups (e.g., Sunday School teachers, and Catechists) who could benefit from using your product. Have you considered making available this tool to those who are NOT in schools, but are also involved with educating others in a faith-based environment?

    1. John Pytel Post author

      Sister Caroline,

      We will be more than happy to allow other faith-based groups to use the product for free, assuming they are similar class sizes to K-12. There are still many details to work out in terms of this idea but we’ll figure out a way to include them.

  2. Jessica Weaver

    I didn’t get used to using soapbox because there was a rumor that they would start charging so I used socrative which is another student response system. Soapbox is great to use for an educator to encourage technology use. This is great to do a ticket out the door or encourage a discussion with your class. Since students have to become more fluent writers it will encourage them to say more because they are typing instead of writing.


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