Monthly Archives: January 2015

New: Threaded Discussions

GoSoapBox is happy to announce the release of a much-requested feature, threaded discussions. Discussions have always been something of an oversight on our product roadmap, and have functioned more as an open-ended poll format.

GoSoapBox Threaded Discussions

Like the rest of GoSoapBox, our threaded discussions are clean and simple. With two levels, it’s not designed for a full-on Reddit-esque debate, but gives your classes a better discussion experience than what we have previously offered.

Threaded discussions are a beta feature

Threaded discussions are a beta feature for the next two weeks, giving you an opportunity to preview them and offer feedback before they become the default.

How do I preview a beta feature?

From any¬†Event’s Moderation Panel, choose “Beta Functionality” and then “Enable”.