Monday 4/23 Update

Over the weekend we rolled out a truckload of updates which we think you’ll enjoy. As always, we’re going to continue rolling out new updates, so continue sending us your feedback!


  • Everything on the Event Page now refreshes in real-time.
  • New styling for buttons.
  • Students can now review and change their Quiz responses before submitting their final answers.

  • Discussions can now be locked/unlocked on demand.
  • “Quick Manage” lock / unlockĀ  buttons have been added for convenience (you no longer have to click into a poll or quiz to lock / unlock it).

  • Images can be optionally added to Polls and Quizzes.

  • Histogram display format option added for Polls

  • High-resolution icons added for the benefit of teachers and students using retina display iPads.

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4 thoughts on “Monday 4/23 Update

  1. Brian Eaton

    I like the new updates that you have done to the site. The only thing that I would really like to see is the ability to use math type in the questions section (not necessarily the answers). I am using gosoapbox for my math classes and the ability to use mathematical symbols and math type would really help me in the use of this program.

  2. John Pytel Post author

    Thanks for the comment Brian.

    We realize that Math symbols and equations can be difficult to express on laptops, phones, etc. and we are working on ways to best integrate them.

    A current work around though is that GSB should be compatible with most Math characters. So if there is another application or keyboard that you use, that contains the symbols, you should be able to copy and paste them into GSB.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Victoria Ball

    I’d love it if I had the option to NOT let kids review their answers before submitting. (Specifically, I can see uses for quizzes that automatically give students feedback with each subsequent question they answer.)


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