New Features: SMS Integration, Quiz Progress and More

We’ve recently rolled out a few exciting new features that we think you’ll enjoy. The development of GoSoapBox is driven by user feedback so if you ever have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me at

Social Q&A Reply Icon Upgrade

Each Social Q&A entry will now show the number of replies that have been added to it. This allows users to identify when a new reply has been added that they have yet to read.

Quiz Progress Indicator

Instructors are now able to view progress information about their Quizzes. Instructors can now see how many people are currently taking the Quiz, and how many have already completed it.

Re-Ordering Quiz Questions

Instructors now have the ability to re-order the questions within their Quiz. Re-ordering questions can be helpful to fix errors, as well as randomizing the order of questions for different classes.

SMS (Text Message) Integration For Social Q&A

We’re exciting to announce that we’ve now integrated the ability for students to text message in questions to Social Q&A. This assures that every student is able to participate during class, whether they have a ‘smart’ device or not!

Polling and Instant Polling SMS integration will be rolled out very soon as well.

* Due to costs incurred on our end, the SMS functionality is only available for students who have subscribed to GoSoapBox and is limited to U.S. users.


COMING SOON: PowerPoint Integration For Polls

Within the next 2 – 3 weeks we will be launching functionality that allows Instructors to embed the result graphs from Polls and Instant Polls directly into a PowerPoint presentation. Students will be able to respond to the Polls via GoSoapBox or SMS and the results will be displayed right on the PowerPoint slide. Instructors will no longer need to exit PowerPoint and open the GoSoapBox window in order to see Poll results.

Integration with PowerPoint has been our most frequently requested feature and we are very excited to roll out the integration. Once our prototype is available it would be great to test it with a few users before we fully launch it. If you are interested in gaining early access to the feature please let us know.

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2 thoughts on “New Features: SMS Integration, Quiz Progress and More

  1. Keith

    Do you have any updates on the PowerPoint integration function? I have found this very useful on other software. Secondly, are you planning on rolling out SMS voting to countries other than the US? I have found that students here in Australia find this function a big advantage.

    1. John Pytel Post author

      After some delays, we are closing in on completion of PowerPoint integration. If you’d like to try this with a single poll we’ll be happy to send you a slide with this feature embedded (you’ll need to let us know which poll). Otherwise we expect it to be rolled out during an upgrade occurring over December’s holidays.

      Regarding SMS, we can provide this upon request; the reason this is by request is that our SMS cost in Australia is 2x what it is in the United States, and we are looking for ways to reduce this cost prior to making it publicly available.


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