Product Tour: What Is GoSoapBox?

GoSoapBox is a powerful, flexible, and intuitive student response system for educators to use in their classrooms. Leveraging web-enabled devices, teachers digitally engage students to conduct formative assessment and gain insight into student comprehension that was never before possible.

Know Who's Confused

GoSoapBox's intuitive Confusion Barometer lets students indicate whether or not they are getting it.

No More Wasted Q&A Time

Time is scarce during class. With GoSoapBox's Social Q&A, students can easily submit and vote for questions, allowing the best question to rise to the top. At any given moment, you know what's on your students' minds.

Only interested in Q&A? Take a look at Social Q&A!

Make Class Lively with Real-Time Polls

GoSoapBox offers dead-simple, customizable polling. It's better than clickers.

Create Quizzes for Easy Formative Assessment

Create a Quiz in GoSoapBox and download a grade report later. Students can see exactly what they got right and wrong, including answer explanations.

Tailor GoSoapBox to Your Style

We built GoSoapBox to be remarkably malleable. Whatever subject you teach, no matter your style, you can use GoSoapBox to make your class more engaging and gain insight into student comprehension.

Students Can be Anonymous

Sometimes it's better for students to interact anonymously. We make it simple to turn off names.

Download Activity and Grade Reports

We make it easy to download graded spreadsheets and reports on class activity.

It's easy and free to get started with GoSoapBox. Give it a shot!

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